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dongguanshi zhangli machine fittings co.,ltd.

dongguanshi zhangli machine fittings co.,ltd. is a thermal spraying factory located in the beautiful Humen town Dongguan city China,established in 1998,specializing in the production and repairing of the machinery part with thermal spraying coating in wire & cable,textile & chemical fiber,metallurgy industries,printing and packaging,canned food industry.
      We have the state of the art spraying equipment : the detonation spray coating series, HOVF spraying series,the wire flame spraying series,the rods and bars flame spraying series and so on.they mainly apply in regeneration of the professional mechanical fitting function,improve the wear-resistance,anti-corrosive,erosion resistance,high temperature proof and conductor adiabatic etc.The mental materials for the spray coating mainly are : chromium oxide ceramics,aluminum oxide,titanium oxide,tungsten carbide,nickel base,cobalt base and so on.we use different material and powder according toclients requirements. More +

  • 公司大樓正面

    Front of company building

  • 生產車間外樓

    Outer Building of Production Workshop

  • 行政辦公大樓

    Administrative Office Building

  • 公司前臺

    Company reception desk

  • 公司會議室

    Company Conference Room

  • 總經理辦公室

    General Manager's Office

  • 客戶接待室

    Customer Reception Room

  • 機械配件模具產品架

    Product area


  • Excellent Spraying TechnologyCooperate with universities to develop and innovate, constantly learn and update, and introduce new coating technology from abroad.
  • Advanced production equipmentThe existing strong technical force and advanced and unique production equipment, further in-depth research and development of surface spraying production field.
  • Product DiversificationAccording to the different needs of customers, different materials will be selected to customize the surface spraying treatment solutions for you.
  • Extremely high quality assuranceContinuous R&D and innovation in the field of surface spraying! We wholeheartedly provide all-round and high-quality service to our customers.
  • Professional technical teamThe company has a large number of professional and technical personnel, including senior, intermediate engineers, assistant engineers, and other types of technical personnel more than 10.

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September 2010 Wire and Cable-Shanghai Exhibition

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